The Franklin Report, The Ultimate Insider’s Guide to Home Services in Chicago. Allgood Press. New York, 2001. The book compiles consumer opinions and comments and asks them to rate the quality of the professional services they received. www.FranklinReport.com

Services & Specialties:
Custom residential architecture, interior architecture.

Summary of Comments:
A husband-and-wife team, Stuart Cohen and Julie Hacker are said to appreciate not only the aesthetic of building, but also the ergonomics of living. Clients applaud the modern, dramatic play of space and light punctuated by traditional forms and design that incorporates the best of both styles. The firm is also credited with designs that are extensions of their surroundings, whether they are built from the ground up in a natural environment, a major addition to a historic home, or an interior remodeling project. Clients say that instead of eliminating the elements of an existing space, Cohen & Hacker works with the space to improve its aesthetic and function.

Cohen, a professor of architecture at the University of Illinois, Chicago, has been in practice here for more than 25 years and joined by Hacker for 15 of them. Together they head this small firm that specializes in residential architecture on the North Shore with the occasional commission in the city. Prior to opening this firm in 1973, Cohen worked in the offices of such notables as Richard Meier, Phillip Johnson and John Burgee. In keeping with this company of stellar architects, his own firm has gained wide recognition and its work has been published nationally.

Interior designers as well as clients laud the firm for what they call “extraordinary” talent, and enjoy the collaboration. We’re told the firm keeps contractors in control with strong direction and brings a sense of proportion to projects while maintaining good working relationships with everyone on the job. Its communication skills are considered excellent, whether talking budget or schedule. Problems, we hear, are resolved quickly and well.

Specific Comments:

“Whenever there was a glitch, there was always a good resolution.”

“Budget always becomes an issue, but they were very realistic about it up front... and they were right on the mark.”

“One of only two architects I’d ever recommend.”

Cohen & Hacker Architects • 1322 Sherman Avenue • Evanston, Illinois 60201 • 847-328-2500