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Invited to reimage the Oval Office “redesigned” for the new U.S. President.
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Cohen and Hacker were commissioned to create a show house for the magazine.
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See New Houses section.
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The house featured as a house of the year project was commissioned by Country Living magazine and designed by Cohen and Hacker for the magazine.
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Photo of Cohen’s corner opening casement window for Pella Windows.
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contains profile of the firm, portrait photo of Cohen and Hacker and of Carrigan Townhouse.
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Review of the “Chicago Villa” Exhibit at the Chicago Athenaeum.
Photographs and/or discussion of The Ruskin Street Bathing Pavilion, Seaside, Florida, designed with Anders Nereim has appeared in the following publications:
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Three photos of Ruskin Street Pavilion.
The Ruskin Street Bathing Pavilion at Seaside Florida has appeared as a photographic background in the following advertising photography and mail order catalogues:
Crate & Barrel, Spring and Summer 1989.
Spiegel’s, January 1994.
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Text, photos and the candidates drawings. Cohen and Hacker with Anders Nereim.
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Designed with Sisco/Lubotsky.
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Chicago Architecture. Photos and text, Mackenbach House and Chicago 7 Townhouse.
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Charles Vacation House in Shelby, Michigan.
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Inland Architect, (June 1975), pp. 8-10. Charles vacation house, Shelby, Michigan, Brickman vacation house, Bailey’s Harbor, Wisconsin, and Holiday Inn for Pottsville, Pennsylvania.
Chicago Daily News, October 6-7, 1973. “Yes, That’s Chi funk in Sao Paulo.”
Cohen designed the USA exhibition pavilion to the exhibit “Made in Chicago” to show.
Chicago “imagist art” at the Sao Paulo Bienal (exhibit of contemporary art). The pavilion was commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.
Progressive Architecture Magazine, (January 1970), pp. 98-99, Annual Awards Issue. “Low Income Public Housing for Queens, New York,” Cohen along with Alden Taylor Mann were the principal designers for project for Gruzen and Partners Architects, New York.

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